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Meet Next Level Artist Aazam Irilian

anl community Dec 31, 2020

Aazam Irilian, Santa Clarita, CA

What is your work about?

My art is inspired by the beauty of life and the world around us-I paint the undercurrent of what seems to be visible

Do you have a studio routine, strategy or ritual that helps you get in the creative zone?

I spend a few hours (almost) everyday in my home studio. I begin each day by:

  1. Reading or listening to inspirational programs/recordings
  2. 15-20 minutes of meditation
  3. Sitting with the new canvas/work in progress to be directed on the next step
  4. Cleansing process by burning sage in the studio
  5. My painting process depends on which phase the painting is at—I paint by allowing paints to flow on the canvas and have to allow drying time between each layer.

How has the pandemic affected your art practice?

For the first few months, I was very focused, worked and completed a series of fifteen paintings. Lately, as I’m looking into creating a new body of work, I find myself more agitated and difficult to focus on the direction I would like to take. That said, at this time, I’m looking into redirecting my artistic vision and do things differently. I’m inspired by my experiences in this world, through travels and interactions. Not being able to engage in either, has made it more challenging to be inspired and identify the direction I would like to take.

What is your greatest reward, memory, accomplishment or proud moment as an artist?

The moments when the viewer connects to my work and relate what they see in the painting to their experiences. Following is an example of a comment made by one of my collectors made as the reason for purchasing the piece:

“I bought a very similar piece of Art from Aazam for my Xmass gift this year. I just love this drawing so much that it has been become centerpiece of my living room. Aazam is an amazing artist that engraves her heart and passion in every stroke of her paintings. In this painting I see braided hair of my 16-year old daughter, Saba, whom is with me in spirit. Every time I look at this peice of art by Aazam, I see my Saba’s beautiful green eyes, olive skin and her long wavy ash blonde hair. I have never spoken about Saba neither shared my pain in FB before. When I saw Aazam’s post today, I thought maybe it is about time!
This painting is about Saba which is nothing but pain and beauty.” Sadie Sadeghi
May 18 ·

What is one thing you MUST have in your studio?

A quiet environment filled with aroma of sage and soft meditative music.

What would you tell your future self about being an artist right now?

Relax, take a breath and allow. Trust yourself and know that “Everything is in divine right order.”

How has the Art NXT Level Academy improve your art career?

I’m a new member and just pass the one-month mark. I find the material and resources provided through ArtNxt very helpful and current. Especially, with the current epidemic, it’s very helpful to learn about how to maneuver around the challenges the artworld is facing. In addition, the connection with other artists, learning about their process and challenges, has been both inspiring and helpful. Another area that I feel has helped me tremendously is learning about some of the ins and outs of social media, especially Instagram.

What is the best art career advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I received was from a gallery owner which was an eyeopener. He said “ your job as an artist is to focus on creating your art and allow others, with specific expertise to support you on your journey.”

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Paintings are created by use of Mineral Solution, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

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