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Mindset Blocks: Dangerous Yet Affirming

wellness Jan 02, 2018

By A. Yanina Gomez, PhD

You’re constantly hearing me talk about mindset blocks and the importance of actively addressing and clearing them. The truth is mindset blocks can be very dangerous if we choose to ignore them or allow them to linger in our heads. Yet, they can also be a sign of affirmation that we are pushing ourselves toward growth.

What are Mindset Blocks?

Mindset blocks are limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving what we set for ourselves. When we are not as confident, when fears and insecurities invade our heads, when we’re constantly questioning ourselves and our abilities, we’re experiencing mindset blocks. So mindset blocks will prevent you from taking the necessary, often challenging, steps to move your art career to the next level. As a result, mindset blocks can potentially lead you to frustration and giving up.

Where do Mindset Blocks come from?

They usually pop up when you’re challenging yourself, thinking outside of the box or trying something new. Mindset blocks are natural reactions. It’s you inner-self protecting you from possible failures and disappointments. In other words, they are your internal danger alarm.

As I work with artists, some seem to put too much emphasis on…

What if’s (What if no one likes my artwork?)

Fears (I won’t submit my work to this specific show because I fear I’ll be rejected.)
False assumptions (I don’t have formal art education, so I won’t be taken seriously)
Self-imposed barriers (Social media is too much for me, I won’t even try it!)
What would people think… (if I keep posting my art on social media?)

Let’s dive into this for a second…

When your mindset blocks are not addressed and you’re too busy worrying about these issues, your mind and body will consequently consume a lot of energy to deal with these emotions and not much is left for you to use when you REALLY need it. Consequently, you will lose focus and clarity. And, your art career will suffer the consequences.

If you’re experiencing mindset blocks right now, I encourage you to give yourself a moment to address and clear them. To help you with this process, I created the 5-Steps to Clearing Mindset Blocks and Refocus Program. This program is designed to help you overcome your mindset blocks strategically, regain confidence and clarity so you can refocus on what really matters to you! 

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