Studio Time: Finding Your Rhythm as an Artist

How can I determine the ideal amount of time to spend in the studio as an artist?

Have you ever wondered about the ideal number of hours you should spend in the studio each day? When I was an art professor, I used to get asked this question a lot. But let me tell you something: there's no one-size-fits-all answer to this. The key lies in embracing the seasons of your creativity and finding your own unique studio rhythm.

The Myth of Minimum or Optimum Hours

As artists, we often have a burning desire to immerse ourselves in the studio, to lose track of time and let our creativity run wild. However, it's important to recognize that creativity has its own ebb and flow. There are times when we need to dedicate countless hours in preparation for a show, pushing our boundaries and refining our craft. But there are also seasons where stepping away from the studio can bring tremendous growth.

Embracing the Seasons

Let's face it: life as an artist is dynamic, just like the changing seasons. Some moments call for intense focus and dedication, while others invite us to explore new horizons and gain fresh perspectives. It's during these seasons that we have the opportunity to learn something new, experience different forms of art, or simply recharge our creative energies.

Studio Time is Irrelevant

Here's a secret: no one is ever going to ask you for your studio time sheet. What truly matters is the art that emanates from your studio. It's the quality of craftsmanship, the depth of your ideas, and the emotional impact of your creations. So instead of fixating on the number of hours you spend in the studio, focus on what you're putting out into the world.

Trusting Your Intuition

As artists, we possess a deep intuition that guides us on our creative journey. So my suggestion to you is this: listen to that inner voice. Tune in to the season you find yourself in right now. Are you preparing for a big exhibition? Then embrace the intensity and pour your heart and soul into your work. Or perhaps you're craving a change, a new experience that will fuel your inspiration. Honor that feeling and take the time to explore new techniques, visit art galleries, or delve into other artistic disciplines.

Embrace Your Unique Journey

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to be an artist. Your journey is as unique as your artistic voice. Embrace the seasons of your creativity, for they shape you as an artist and allow you to grow in ways you never thought possible. Trust in your innate talent, your passion, and the power of your imagination.

Embrace the seasons, trust your intuition, and let your creativity guide you. Whether you spend countless hours in the studio or take a break to explore new avenues, what truly matters is the art you bring into the world.

Thanks for reading,

Sergio Gomez, MFA
Artist | Curator | Author | Art Biz Coach 

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