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Unlock Your Inspiration! 5 Brainstorming Ideas to Start a New Body of Work or Art Series

breakfast with sergio Mar 26, 2023

Are you an artist struggling with inspiration? Do you find it challenging to start a new collection or series? Well, fear not, because in this episode of Breakfast with Sergio, he shares five excellent ideas for starting a new body of work.


Firstly, exploring personal emotions is an excellent way to start a new series. Your personal emotions can be used as the basis for your artwork, and you can reflect on them while creating something new. For example, when Gomez's son was born, he created a series of six to eight pieces based on the emotions he experienced as a father. This was not only a great way to explore his emotions, but it was also a way to document his feelings and create something beautiful out of them.


You can create a new body of work based on experimenting with a new medium. Trying out a new medium can inspire you to create something completely different from your previous works. Experimenting with different materials can lead to exciting discoveries and allow you to grow as an artist.


Found objects or materials can inspire you to create something new. These found objects can be anything from natural materials such as rocks or shells, to man-made materials such as old tools or discarded materials. By incorporating these objects into your artwork, you can give them new life and create something entirely unique.


Using a particular color palette can be an excellent starting point for creating a new body of work. Gomez suggests selecting a color that speaks to you and using it as the primary color for your new series. Using a specific color can give your artwork a cohesive look and feel and help you develop your style further.


Finally, using your cultural background as inspiration for your artwork can be a great way to create something unique and personal. Your culture, heritage, and background can be used to create something new that reflects who you are as an artist. Incorporating your culture into your artwork can also help you connect with your audience and create work that resonates with others.

Are you ready?

In conclusion, starting a new body of work can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. By following these five ideas, you can find inspiration and create something new and beautiful. There are endless possibilities for creating something truly unique. So go ahead and get started on your new collection or series today! If you need help, look no further than The Art Nxt Level Academy. 

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