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3 Tips to Letting Go Downers in My Life!

wellness Jan 02, 2018

By A. Yanina Gomez, PhD

When you hear the word “downer,” I bet someone comes to mind right away! Perhaps this someone’s negativity and bitterness is crushing your soul and sucking up your energy.

For your own sake… it’s time to detoxify your inner-circle by letting go of negative people in your life!

As long as these people stick around, their negative energy will end up influencing you one way or another. Downers bring so much unnecessary stress into our lives. And, you really DON’T need that in your life right now.

Let me demonstrate this for you. 
Think about someone you know who always sees the glass half-empty, is always complaining, is often in a bad mood, criticizing everything and everyone and making everything complicated. Don’t you feel tense just by picturing an image of this person in your head? Even though this person is not with you at this moment, thinking about her or him is influencing your mood in a negative way. This is too much power for one person… Not a good thing!

So, my question to you is… Why is this person still in your inner-circle?
Let me share 3 simple tips to detoxify your inner-circle:

TIP 1.
Start this year by letting go of relationships that are putting you down or wasting your energy and time. The faster you end this relationship, the sooner you will remove unnecessary stress in your life.

Maybe this relationship needs some time before it can be dissolved due to X or Y reason. I get it! Starting today, gradually cut down the time and attention you’re giving to this person until the relationship fades away. You don’t have to answer every text or phone call from this person… Seriously! Reclaim your personal space!

TIP 2:
When it comes to downers… focus your conversations on positive experiences and refrain from feeding into their antagonistic comments. 

As it is, our minds tend to pay more attention to negative thoughts and experiences and they often get stuck faster in our heads than positive thoughts. 

Tip 3.
Intentionally surround yourself with optimistic people. I’m referring to those who authentically care about you, have your best interest in mind and want to see you to succeed. When you spend time with the right people, you will be filled with positive energy and feel a sense of relief. It feels great to be appreciated and loved by others!

On a Side Note…
I don’t expect this from you. But, just in case… if you are a downer, it’s time to do something about it. Seriously! It’s a choice. You can choose to adopt an optimistic attitude. It takes intentionality, time and effort. Yes, you can do this. You won’t get too far with your negative attitude. You will only attract negative people to your life and eventually those who authentically care about you will run away from you.

Detoxify your relational inner-circle by letting go of downers in your life! You don’t need their negative energy lingering around you! 

It’s YOUR choice!

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