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Meet Next Level Artist Kelsey Proffitt

anl community Dec 31, 2020

 Kelsey Proffitt, Houston, TX, USA

What is your work about?

My work is a documentation of my intuitive interpretations & experiences with the various emotions, struggles & life lessons of the complex human condition. I document these through various mixed media and intuitive processes that allow me to drop down into my subconscious & release it onto the canvas through various mark-making & painting strokes. Art is the manner in which I find my empowerment, by listening to my intuition and documenting what it has to tell me.

Do you have a studio routine, strategy or ritual that helps you get in the creative zone?

Absolutely. Each step I take towards getting ready to begin is a part of my ritual that allows me to “drop down” into my subconscious mind. With the nature of my work being mostly intuitive, this process is a hypnotic experience for me that is triggered by this ritual. Some of these steps include cleaning up my space, putting on some good tunes, filling up my water jar, and the one that “seals the deal” is putting on my apron. From there, I can make the more intuitive decisions on materials & colors to be used.

How has the pandemic affected your art practice?

The pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for me to be honest. It has allowed me to jump back into my art-making practice after some time away. It has given me time to reflect & re-energize, to be reminded what my true path is in this lifetime and to pursue it full on.
What is your greatest reward, memory, accomplishment or proud moment as an artist?
My greatest proud moment so far has been Best in Show for my painting “Mind Over Matter”, one from my Outbreak Series in 2019. My greatest reward is the level of healing & release with each piece that I create.

What is one thing you MUST have in your studio?

Music. My music is a major part of what helps me get into my zone and stay in it. It is the method of allowing me to become one with the canvas…it is what helps open the door for my soul to escape and pour onto the canvas.

What would you tell your future self about being an artist right now?

To take a deep breath, don’t overthink it, and give yourself rest time (without beating yourself up about it).

How has the Art NXT Level Academy improved your art career?

I’m new to the Academy, but I have found a wealth of knowledge in it. Sergio has given me loads of ideas & confirmations that some of the things I was doing before joining were correct. 🙂 I do like the community that it harbors and being able to get feedback & answers to things that you may not be able to find on Google. I’m looking forward to the upcoming small work challenge & being able to participate.

What is the best art career advice you’ve ever received?

Well, it’s still up in the air as far as if it was good advice, but I think it was to NOT go into debt for an MFA.

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Instagram: @kelseyproffittart – www.instagram.com/kelseyproffittart/
Facebook: Kelsey Proffitt Art – www.facebook.com/kelseyproffittart/
YouTube: Kelsey Proffitt Art – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM1BO3Eh_ibJGS5UIfpF50Q
Website: www.kelseyproffittart.com
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