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On the Next Level: Calina Hiriza

anl community Jan 26, 2022

On the Next Level is a series of interviews that features artists of the Art Nxt Level academy. The artists share their stories of how the academy has impacted their careers as well as share the exciting projects they have been working on. These artists have made the most of their experience and have taken their careers to the next level. In this article Calina Hiriza shares about her process and upcoming plans. 

Your last series, Winter Intervals, is a calm and colorful journey through the coldest and quietest months of the year. What can your audience expect to see thematically in your next body of work? Or are you taking a different approach to what you might currently be working on?

Calina: During the first months of the current year, I will be delving deeper into the dialogue with the raw materials, acrylic paint in my case. Thinking of color theory, I plan to employ a more methodical approach to the color spectrum, with the goal of creating additional depth through color mixing by taking a closer look at tertiary colors and their hues and values.

Additionally, I plan to complete a full body of new works where the paint will be encased in epoxy. The goal is to create visible 3D layers using dry and fresh paint. I have started this process in 2021 and the results of this new technique are quite stunning in my opinion.

Speaking of what could be coming up for you, will 2022 see your art hanging in new galleries? 

Calina: Yes, I have recently begun a collaboration with Jesus Nunez Gallery in Millburn, NJ. Also, between January 26-April 24 my work will be on display at the Paper Mill Playhouse Gallery in a group art show. 

Would you mind sharing a little bit about balancing motherhood and your art career or how being a mom sparks inspiration in your art? 

Calina: Being a mother has definitely had a big impact on my art. As the biologic impulse of nurturing takes over, it translates over to the work as well. In my case, I found it interesting that while I felt that I’ve developed an additional care, let’s say, over my works, there is also a place where the paint allows for liberation from the maternal duties. There is a care and gentleness when guiding a child that has to absolutely be there no matter how one feels. When I transition to the painting, I allow myself the freedom of “being rough” with the canvas, of allowing impulses to take the lead.

When did you discover the Art Nxt Level Academy and how has it been able to give an edge to your art career? 

Calina: Interestingly, while I was browsing various calls for art I found Sergio Gomez’s name as one of the curators of an art opportunity. When I looked him up, I realized he has had exhibitions all over the world, including one in my home town of Cluj, Romania. I reached out to him and by following his activity I learned about ArtNXTLevel. I joined the community and found the resources to be extremely helpful, straight to the point, and the line of communication always open.

What about the way you approach your art career has changed since joining the academy? 

Calina: The academy has helped me clearly identify and prioritize my artistic and career goals. This, in turn, has created steady and visible progress, and has extended my reach to a wider audience.

Do you have any additional thoughts or comments you would like to share concerning your various projects or Art Nxt Level?

Calina: Glad I’ve found the academy and thankful for the guidance of Sergio and Dr. Yanina.

Art Nxt Level is made up of artists from all over the world. Where are you located?

Calina: Millburn, NJ, USA

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