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Embracing Your Self-Worth as an Artist: Pricing Your Art

By Sergio Gomez

As artists, we all know the struggle of putting a price tag on our creations. It's one of the most challenging aspects of our journey. How do we determine the value of the art we've poured our heart and soul into? At first glance, the idea seems ridiculous. But let me assure you, my fellow artists, we've all experienced this dilemma at the start of our art careers.

The Constant Questions

As we grow and mature in our artistic endeavors, the same questions continue to haunt us. When should we raise our prices? How should we charge now compared to a year or two ago? These questions are valid, and they reflect our desire to navigate the art market with confidence and fairness.

Starting with Self-Worth

Today, I want to discuss a vital starting point in this pricing conundrum: self-worth. Step one is to believe wholeheartedly that what we offer as artists holds tremendous value. It's time to silence those nagging voices of doubt and truly embrace the fact that our creations matter.

The Value Beyond Materials and Hours

Art is not merely a product of materials and hours spent. Behind each masterpiece lies countless hours, or perhaps even years, of practice and dedication. Your journey as an artist encompasses valuable knowledge, invaluable experiences, and a level of expertise that cannot be quantified.

Charging What You Deserve

To charge what you truly deserve, it starts with believing in yourself and recognizing your self-worth. The value you bring to the table is a culmination of your artistic journey, the emotions you infuse into your work, and the unique perspective you offer the world.

Embrace Your Expertise

Think about it: you're not just selling a painting or a sculpture; you're offering a piece of yourself. Each stroke, each brush, and each chisel has been perfected through countless hours of practice. Your expertise, developed over time, is part of the package that your customers are investing in.

Trusting Your Intuition

Remember, pricing your artwork is not solely a matter of math. It's about recognizing the value that you bring to the table as an artist. Trust your intuition and have confidence in the prices you set. Be open to adjusting them as you evolve, but never underestimate the worth of your talent and dedication.

Embracing Your Journey

Ultimately, the pricing of your art is an extension of your artistic journey. It's a reflection of your growth, your passion, and your dedication to your craft. Embrace the value you offer and let it empower you to charge what you deserve.

Believe in Your Worth, Charge What You Deserve

In conclusion, my fellow artists, it's time to recognize your self-worth and the value of your art. Embrace the knowledge, experiences, and expertise that you've cultivated along your journey. Trust your intuition and charge what you deserve. You are an artist, and what you create has immeasurable value. Let your heart guide you as you navigate the pricing.

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Sergio Gomez, MFA
Artist | Curator | Author | Art Biz Coach 

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