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The One Thing in Life You Can’t Regain

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2018

By A. Yanina Gomez, Ph.D.

How many times have you lost something that you need? Maybe you’ve lost your favorite jewelry, car keys or your phone. Although it’s quite annoying to lose these things, often times, we can replace them. But, there’s one thing you can’t replace or regain. And, if you don’t pay close attention, it can be so detrimental to your personal and professional growth. What would that be?

“TIME is the one thing in life you can’t regain, no matter how much you try.”
Time is precious and we ought to use it wisely. We all have 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 52 weeks per year. Why do you think some people can accomplish so much and others can’t? These people are not cloning themselves yet. They simply take “time” seriously. Successful people create a plan, a strategy and use their time productively. You won’t see them spending hours playing games, in social media <unless their business requires it> or watching television. 

Have you ever felt stressed out when you assess your productivity and realized that you’ve wasted so much time reading posts in social media or browsing the internet senselessly? Or maybe you feel that you’re not accomplishing much or your productivity level is low? To avoid feeling frustrated and stressed out unnecessarily, I encourage you to try these 3 things:

Be intentional, have a plan. A great resource is the Accountability Forum where you can share your micro-goals each week and share it with other members so we help each other stay on track.

Devote your focus on the task at hand. Respect your time! Schedule time to complete the task. Next, turn off notifications and any other distractions, like social media, that may deviate you from the things that need to be done unless you use these tools to generate business.

Work smarter. Twenty percent of your activities or effort should produce 80 percent of your results. To do this, you might need to add productivity tools to your toolkit. Say you’re accepted in show. The curator asks you for 5 images and details. Do you have a system in place in which all information about your art is easily accessible or do you have to figure out where you saved the images and do a scavenger hunt in your computer to get the details of each artwork? Having an inventory software like Artwork Archive saves you so much time, a headache and mental energy.  By clicking a few boxes you can generate a PDF with all the information needed by the curator. Lesson here: Twenty percent of your effort should produce 80 percent of your results!

Also, take the time to acknowledge those who truly care about you, your art practice and yourself. Surround yourself with those who want the best for you, who will lift you up, who are willing to be truthful and have the best intention at heart. You will begin to experience an optimistic today and a brighter tomorrow.

What is ONE thing you need to dedicate time to today? is it a relationship, your art business, your emotional wellness, etc.?

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