Thinking Big: Secret #1

wellness Jan 01, 2018

By A. Yanina Gomez, Ph.D.

How are things going with the goals you’ve set for your art career? I bet you’re pumped up but also feeling a little scary about this entrepreneurial journey. You’re putting yourself out there and you’re starting to feel a little vulnerable.

Your inner voices are getting loud reminding you of all the things that can go wrong once you put yourself out there. They are probably telling you that your art trajectory is not good enough, others are way ahead of you, so why bother trying, it’s too risky, no one will care about your art and the list goes on.

We set a barrier by the way we think about ourselves. We often prefer to play safe. And frankly, you will rarely achieve above what you set for yourself. You ought to aim for the top and think big! As big thinkers say, magic happens when you challenge yourself and think like there’s NO box.

In the next 5 weeks, I’m sharing with you each week a secret to THINKING BIG and an action plan in which you can use each secret to boost your confidence and productivity.

This week’s secret is… Create a mental picture of your goal.

It’s time to let those creative neurons flow and let your imagination go. Start by answering these 2 questions:

What do you want for your art career?
What do you want to see happening in your art career in the next 6 months?
This is the creative stage. Anything goes here! Don’t focus on the obstacles yet. I’m not saying that obstacles will not come. There will be time to develop strategies to address them later. Focus on the possibilities.

Next, avoid shooting for a safe place or comfort zone. As you protect yourself from disappointments, you’re blocking yourself from growth and possibilities. Think about the impact that your art will make in the lives of others. Let your mind flow. Don’t let the negative voices take over your head. Remember, this is the dream stage and everything is possible!

Write down 3 things you want for your art business in the next 6 months.

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