Discover The Power of Personal Declarations in Your Art Career

How can personal declarations empower artists on their creative journey?

Do you believe in personal declarations? I must admit, it wasn't always a concept that resonated with me. Throughout most of my life, I've carried a positive attitude, firmly believing that everything happens for a reason and that the glass is always half full. But it wasn't until I met the love of my life, Dr. Yanina, that I truly discovered the magic behind personal declarations.

"I'm an Artist on a Mission": The Birth of a Powerful Statement

Over the past six years, my artistic journey has taken me on an incredible path of self-discovery. I've gone from crafting a long list of empowering statements to condensing it all into a single, mighty declaration. You might have even heard me say it before: "I'm an artist on a mission."

This simple phrase encompasses all my wishes, goals, and aspirations. It serves as a daily reminder of the purpose that drives me forward, inspiring me to seize each day with passion and determination.

Sharing the Inspiration: You're an Artist on a Mission!

I believe in the power of unity and the strength we gain from supporting one another. That's why I've chosen to share this personal declaration with all of you. So here it is, my friends, a reminder just for you: You are an artist on a mission!

In moments when your path feels hazy, when your goals seem out of reach, or when uncertainty casts a shadow, I urge you to hold onto this powerful declaration. Let it be your guiding light, igniting your creativity and fueling your artistic journey.

Embracing the Process: The Road to Fulfillment

It's crucial to remember that this artistic journey is not a sprint; it's a marathon. There will be times when the destination seems distant or even unknown. But trust in the process, my fellow artists. Embrace the challenges, the detours, and the moments of self-doubt. For it is through these experiences that we grow, evolve, and become the artists we aspire to be.

Each step you take, no matter how small, brings you closer to fulfilling your mission. So rise and shine, my talented friends, and live up to your calling. Trust that the process will guide you, that it will mold you into the artist you were meant to become.

Unleash Your Potential: Create, Explore, and Thrive

As artists, we possess a unique gift—the ability to translate our thoughts, emotions, and perspectives into breathtaking works of art. Embrace that gift. Allow it to flow through you and manifest in your creations.

Never forget the beauty and purpose that reside within you. It's time to let go of self-doubt and embrace the boundless possibilities that await. Take risks, try new techniques, and venture into uncharted territories. Your mission awaits, and with each stroke of the brush, each note played, or each word written, you move one step closer to realizing your true potential.

I invite you to embrace your inner artist and unleash the power of personal declarations. Start each day with the knowledge that you are an artist on a mission—a mission to create, inspire, and make a lasting impact.

Thanks for reading,

Sergio Gomez, MFA
Artist | Curator | Author | Art Biz Coach 

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