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The Art of Attracting Collectors: From Hunter to Planter Mentality

How can artists attract art collectors and build a sustainable career?

By Sergio Gomez

Let me share a personal story that might just change the way you think about finding art collectors. Like many of you, I used to constantly ask myself, "How do I find art collectors?" It was a question that seemed both daunting and frustrating, as if I were a hunter desperately seeking elusive prey. But let me tell you, my friends, that question led me down a path of disappointment and uncertainty.

Asking the Wrong Question

As an emerging artist, I thought my job was to go out and find collectors wherever they might be hiding. I believed they were playing a game of hide-and-seek, and it was up to me to uncover their secret locations. But the more I searched, the more discouraged I became. It was a never-ending cycle of frustration.

Shifting the Perspective

It took me years, as I grew and matured as an artist, to realize that I had been asking the wrong question all along. The real question wasn't, "How do I find art collectors?" It was, "What am I doing so that art collectors find me?" And my friends, that shift in perspective changed everything.

Collectors Are on the Lookout

Here's the truth: collectors are not trying to hide from us. In fact, they are actively looking for artwork that speaks to them, that touches their souls. The thrill of discovering pieces they love is what keeps them going, from attending gallery openings to browsing artists' websites and endlessly scrolling through Instagram. They are out there, my friends, eagerly seeking new talent.

From Hunter to Planter Mentality

So, I made a conscious decision to transform my mindset. I shifted from being a hunter to being a planter. Just like in agriculture, I understood that I needed to sow the seeds and nurture my artistic field. It wasn't about chasing after collectors; it was about creating an environment where they could find me organically.

Cultivating Online Presence

One of the first steps I took was to refine my online presence. I realized that having an amazing website was crucial. It became my virtual gallery, a place where collectors could immerse themselves in my art. I invested time and effort into showcasing my work in the best possible light, ensuring that every click was an experience worth remembering.

Marketing and Social Media

Next, I got serious about marketing and social media. I discovered the power of these platforms in reaching a wider audience. I learned how to leverage social media to share my creative process, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and finished artworks. By consistently engaging with my followers and being part of the vibrant online art community, I began attracting not just admirers, but potential collectors.

The Power of Networking and Personal Relationships

But it didn't stop there. I realized the importance of being proactive in networking and building personal relationships. I attended art events, exhibitions, and gatherings. I connected with fellow artists, gallery owners, and art enthusiasts. By forging genuine connections, I created a network of supporters who not only appreciated my art but also helped spread the word about my work.

From Feast and Famine to a Process

The transformation from a hunter to a planter brought about a significant change in my artistic journey. No longer was I living in a world of feast and famine, unsure of what the future held. Instead, I embraced the process, knowing that with patience and dedication, my efforts would yield a beautiful harvest.

What Are You Doing Today?

So, my friends, I ask you this: What are you doing today to make it incredibly easy for art collectors to find you, both online and in the physical world? Are you still caught up in the hunter mentality, tirelessly seeking elusive prey? Or have you embraced the joy of being a planter, patiently nurturing your artistic field?

Take a moment to reflect on your approach. Are you sowing the seeds of creativity and tending to them with care? Are you cultivating your online presence, ensuring that your website and social media platforms showcase your work in the best possible light? Are you actively engaging with the art community, building connections and nurturing personal relationships?

Remember, my friends, collectors are out there, actively seeking new art that resonates with them. They are searching for artists who can captivate their hearts and minds. It's up to us to create a vibrant presence, to nurture our craft, and to let our art shine.

So, let go of the hunter mentality and embrace the mindset of a planter. Understand that attracting collectors is not about chasing after them, but about creating an environment where they can discover you naturally. Embrace the process, knowing that with each seed you sow and each connection you make, you are one step closer to your beautiful harvest.

Thanks for reading,


Sergio Gomez, MFA
Artist | Curator | Author | Art Biz Coach 

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