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Embrace Your Artistic Dreams: Grant Yourself Permission to Soar

By Sergio Gomez

A Personal Story of Pursuing a Dream

Let me share a little personal story with you. Back in 2019, when I had just begun my gallery and studio journey in the vibrant city of Chicago, I started having this wild dream. I couldn't stop thinking about curating a massive national show that would put me in the map in the art word. But oh boy, the doubts flooded my mind like a torrential downpour!

Voices in my head whispered all sorts of discouraging thoughts: "You're still a newbie, not enough experience!", "Who even knows you? You're practically invisible!", "Connections? Ha! You don't have them." And let's be honest, those voices had a point. I had every reason to believe that pursuing such a dream was a long shot.

Giving Myself Permission

But you know what? I decided to do something radical. I granted myself the permission to chase after that dream, against all odds. I said, "Why not give it a shot?" And boy, was I in for a surprise!

Fast forward to January 2010,...

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The Eye of Precision: Nadine Robbins on Hyperrealistic Painting [Podcast 334]

In this captivating episode of "The Artist Next Level Podcast," host Sergio Gomez sits down with acclaimed hyperrealist artist Nadine Robbins to delve into the mesmerizing world of hyperrealistic portraiture. Prepare to be awestruck as Nadine shares the secrets behind her four-hour video session, where she meticulously captures the essence of a human eye in her breathtaking portraits.

Join Sergio and Nadine as they embark on a fascinating exploration of the creative process, revealing the intricate steps involved in achieving hyperrealism. Discover the story behind Nadine's remarkable video class, designed to guide aspiring artists through the intricate journey of painting a hyperrealistic eye. Uncover the thought process that led her to choose the specific model for this masterpiece and gain insights into her decision to offer this transformative experience as an online class.

In this inspiring conversation, Nadine opens up about the challenges and joys of hyperrealism, sharing...

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The Art of Connection: Unleashing the Power of Networking

By Sergio Gomez

Embracing the Beauty of Collaboration

Creating art is often seen as a solitary pursuit, with artists immersing themselves in the solitude of their studios, seeking inspiration from within. However, there is a vibrant and transformative dimension of the artistic journey that lies beyond the studio walls—a realm where connections with fellow artists and art enthusiasts can ignite a spark of collaborative creativity. Today, we delve into the art of connection and explore how embracing collaboration can elevate your artistic endeavors to new heights.

The Wisdom of Ruth: "It's All About People"

Imagine this: a wise friend and seasoned art connoisseur named Ruth once told me this piece of advice that resonated deeply with me. Ruth, having traversed the art world as a museum director and consultant, once said, "Hey Sergio, it's all about people. Learn to work with them, and success will find you." Her words, seemingly simple, carry profound meaning. They remind...

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Embracing Your Art World: Breaking Free from Intimidation

Defying the Illusion of Judgment

Does the art world intimidate you? You're not alone. It's easy to imagine a panel of people scrutinizing our every move, casting judgment on our artistic journey. But here's the truth: the art world is far from being a distant and unapproachable establishment. In reality, the art world comprises each and every individual involved in the art field, from the museum receptionist to the local curator and the international art fair director. Let's not forget the artists themselves, bravely entering the market, showcasing their work, and selling their art. Collectively, we are the art world, and it's time to shift our perspective.

Crafting Your Own Art World

Rather than constantly striving to "get in" the art world, let's ask ourselves a different question: How do we make our own art world? By carefully selecting and surrounding ourselves with the people who inspire and support us, we can create a community that becomes our art world. Our art world...

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The Power of Rest: Unleashing Your Full Creative Potential

By Sergio Gomez, MFA

Embracing the Art of Resting: Work Hard, Rest Harder

Introduction: Hey there, fellow artists! We all know the irresistible pull of immersing ourselves in our art and careers. The passion and drive to create can consume us, making it easy to forget the importance of rest. I'll be the first to admit that acknowledging the need for rest in my daily routine has been a real struggle. But let me tell you, it's a lesson worth learning. In this blog post, we'll explore how embracing the art of resting can unlock your full creative potential and prevent burnout. Plus, I'll share a personal story involving my wonderful reminder, Dr. Yanina.

The Forgotten Art of Rest

As artists, we pour our hearts and souls into our work. We become so absorbed in the creative process that resting often gets pushed to the side. Our to-do lists are filled with art projects, exhibitions, client deadlines—you name it. The idea of taking a break seems counterproductive or even...

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Conversation with Ahmad Zakii Anwar: Insights from a World-Class Painter

podcast May 11, 2023

In this episode of The Artist Next Level Podcast, hosts Sergio Gomez and Drew Harris sit down with Ahmad Zakii Anwar, a world-renowned artist from Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Ahmad Zakii Anwar's unique style of painting and drawing has made him one of the most sought-after artists in Asia. Throughout the episode, Ahmad Zakii Anwar discusses how he discovered his style, and the journey that led him from graphic artist to fine art painter. He also delves into his creative process, inspiration, and his philosophy of life.

Listeners will also gain valuable insights into the art world as Ahmad Zakii Anwar shares his experiences exhibiting and selling his work.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this insightful conversation with Ahmad Zakii Anwar on The Artist Next Level Podcast.

Visit Zakii on Instagram at @ahmadzakiianwar


Watch the Interview on Video


View More of Zakii's Work 

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5 Mistakes Artists Make When Creating Their Body of Work (And How to Fix Them)

breakfast with sergio Mar 26, 2023

Building a successful body of work as an artist is not an easy task. Many artists struggle to make a name for themselves and establish a successful career in the art world. In this blog post, we will explore five reasons why artists fail to build a successful body of work. For a more in depth look, watch this video. 

Lack of Consistency

One of the main reasons artists fail to build a successful body of work is due to a lack of consistency. Creating art on a consistent basis is essential for artists to establish a recognizable style and build a cohesive body of work. Without consistency, an artist's work can appear scattered and disconnected, making it difficult for audiences to engage with their work.

Inadequate Planning

Another reason artists fail to build a successful body of work is a lack of adequate planning. Planning is crucial for artists to create a vision for their work and set achievable goals. Without a plan, artists may struggle to find direction and focus, leading...

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Unlock Your Inspiration! 5 Brainstorming Ideas to Start a New Body of Work or Art Series

breakfast with sergio Mar 26, 2023

Are you an artist struggling with inspiration? Do you find it challenging to start a new collection or series? Well, fear not, because in this episode of Breakfast with Sergio, he shares five excellent ideas for starting a new body of work.


Firstly, exploring personal emotions is an excellent way to start a new series. Your personal emotions can be used as the basis for your artwork, and you can reflect on them while creating something new. For example, when Gomez's son was born, he created a series of six to eight pieces based on the emotions he experienced as a father. This was not only a great way to explore his emotions, but it was also a way to document his feelings and create something beautiful out of them.


You can create a new body of work based on experimenting with a new medium. Trying out a new medium can inspire you to create something completely different from your previous works. Experimenting with different materials can lead to exciting discoveries...

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Photos vs Reels: Which one is Better for Artists?

breakfast with sergio Mar 20, 2023

In this video, we're going to be discussing the Instagram battle between photos and reels. Should you post photos or reels on Instagram? This is a big question that many Instagram users are asking themselves, and the answer depends on a lot of factors. For example, photos are great for social media sharing, but reels can help your video stand out and be more engaging. So which should you post on Instagram? We'll find out in this video!

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