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The Introvert in Me & My Art [Part I]

Jan 02, 2018

By Dr. Yanina Gomez

“Yes, I know that networking and making connections are important in the art world! Guess what? I’m an introvert person and social situations can easily overwhelm me. I prefer quietness and minimally stimulating environments.”

Does this resonate with you?

Are you more reflective, observant, cautious and highly in tune with your internal dynamics? Do you prefer quietness, minimally stimulating environments and perhaps social events are really not your preference?

Drive comes in various ways and one way isn’t better than the other. To some, drive emerges during solitude and self-reflection whereas others prefer a go-getter approach. You might prefer to work alone because you can focus better whereas others perform better when they share ideas and collaborate with others.

If you consider yourself a driven introvert artist, let me share with you a few suggestions to effectively navigate through social situations (networking, openings,...

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Enough is Enough: I’m Reclaiming Myself!

Jan 02, 2018

By Dr. Yanina Gomez, Mindset/Emotional Wellness Expert

We all want to feel loved, appreciated and respected. Some people fill this need through effort, investing time in healthy relationships, caring for others and giving back. Others, think that they have to pretend to be someone else to earn it.

They think that, if they’re themselves and show their true colors, they will not be able to fulfill these basic needs. In their effort to be loved, accepted and respected, they find themselves constantly trying to impress others or simply surround themselves with the wrong people.

Sometimes, in our effort to be accepted by certain people, we begin to wear masks.


I’m independent mask

I know it all mask

I’m crushing you mask

I’m better than you mask

I’m fun to hang out with mask

I’m very successful mask

My reputation precedes me mask, and the list goes on.

As a result, we find ourselves pretending to be someone we are not.

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The Life/Work Balance: Is that Really Possible?

Jan 02, 2018

By A. Yanina Gomez, PhD

“I want to dedicate more time to my art career, but, it’s complicated! Between keeping up with the needs of those around me, trying to figure out how to run my art career and making art, I just don’t have enough hours in a day to do this.”
Does this sound familiar?

We hear over and over about balancing our life and career. But, what on earth does that mean? Are we talking about dedicating 50% of our time to live our life and 50% to make art? Is that possible… Is that realistic?
Perhaps some artists can wing it, but, for the rest of us, the 50/50 approach is unreal! Let’s start by clarifying what I don’t mean when I refer to a healthy balance. This is not about adding your life’s circumstances on one weighing pan of a scale of justice and your art career on the other so they’re equally distributed in both sides. The truth is both areas actually...

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All the stuff to do and now Art NXT Level? Overwhelming!

Jan 02, 2018

By Dr. Yanina Gomez

Is this you…?

“There’s so much to do. I’m trying to keep up with my art and Art NXT Level, but I feel like I’m falling behind or missing out!”

Are you feeling that there’s too much stuff in the membership site, you don’t know where to start or you simply don’t want to miss on something important? Are you feeling as if you have to post everywhere, make sure you go over each forum, training video, accountability exercises in order to get the best of your membership? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Next leveler, if this is you, I have one sentence for you…

“Take a deep breath, relax and keep reading this post!”

When Sergio and I developed Art NXT Level, our main goal was to put together in one place valuable information to help artists grow their art career at their own pace. So if you’re feeling as if you’re experiencing information overload, let me share...

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Even da Vinci couldn’t paint a perfect smile! [Perfectionist this is for you!]

Jan 02, 2018

By A. Yanina Gomez, PhD

Could you imagine Madam Lisa del Giocondo (Gherardini) suing Leonardo da Vinci for not painting a perfect smile on her portrait? We all know that Lisa’s smile on the painting is not necessarily “perfect.” Even da Vinci couldn’t paint a perfect smile! Yet, his painting, Mona Lisa,is one of the most famous portraits in the world!

The more I work with driven people, the more I notice how they tend to put A LOT of pressure on themselves. They believe that things have to be perfect! My art must be perfect before it comes out or my presentation must be beyond perfect before I share it with others.

“There no time to fix mistakes! Everything must be PERFECT!”

But, why do we put so much pressure on ourselves wanting to be PERFECT? What happens when we fall short on our quest for perfection? Sometimes, I hear artists say that they will find happiness only...

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Mindset Blocks: Dangerous Yet Affirming

Jan 02, 2018

By A. Yanina Gomez, PhD

You’re constantly hearing me talk about mindset blocks and the importance of actively addressing and clearing them. The truth is mindset blocks can be very dangerous if we choose to ignore them or allow them to linger in our heads. Yet, they can also be a sign of affirmation that we are pushing ourselves toward growth.

What are Mindset Blocks?

Mindset blocks are limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving what we set for ourselves. When we are not as confident, when fears and insecurities invade our heads, when we’re constantly questioning ourselves and our abilities, we’re experiencing mindset blocks. So mindset blocks will prevent you from taking the necessary, often challenging, steps to move your art career to the next level. As a result, mindset blocks can potentially lead you to frustration and giving up.

Where do Mindset Blocks come from?

They usually pop up when you’re challenging...

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I’ve Been Waiting For A….

Jan 02, 2018

By Dr. A. Yanina Gomez

For the 80’s lovers… I bet you’re already singing “I’ve been waiting for a girl like you to come into my life…” by the rock band Foreigner. Don’t deny it, it’s OK! So, I’ll give you a moment of privacy and once you’re done singing or humming, I’ll be right here waiting for you.

“I am sorry to burst your bubble BUT I am NOT talking about that kind of wait.”
I am talking about the waiting period that you put on yourself when it comes to living the art career you really want. It’s when you have a burning desire to advance your career by pushing yourself harder, yet you keep on waiting for the PERFECT moment to do it.

If Sergio and I would had waited for the perfect moment to launch the Art NXT Level, we would still be waiting. Between taking care of our family, running an art gallery, curatorial projects, teaching and other commitments, there was NO...

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The ONE Thing to Do When the Going Gets Tough…

Jan 02, 2018

By A. Yanina Gomez, PhD

It’s just another morning. Picture me sipping my extra hot double expresso latte, turning on my computer, opening my emails, and there it was… A short venting email from a close friend:

“I’m having a hard time keeping up with everything! Between working full-time on this job that’s sucking my energy (which by the way you know how much I hate it), trying to start my own business on the side, and personal responsibilities, I totally feel burned out! <<Sigh>> How much longer do I have to juggle all this “crap” around (edited to keep it clean-LOL!)? Way too much to handle /:”

Have you been feeling like my friend lately? Hey, you’re not the only one feeling this way. I’m going to share with you what I shared with her… SHORT and SWEET!

As driven people, we want to do it all! And, we are constantly juggling too many things at once. Many of us are so busy that we don’t...

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3 Tips to Letting Go Downers in My Life!

Jan 02, 2018

By A. Yanina Gomez, PhD

When you hear the word “downer,” I bet someone comes to mind right away! Perhaps this someone’s negativity and bitterness is crushing your soul and sucking up your energy.

For your own sake… it’s time to detoxify your inner-circle by letting go of negative people in your life!

As long as these people stick around, their negative energy will end up influencing you one way or another. Downers bring so much unnecessary stress into our lives. And, you really DON’T need that in your life right now.

Let me demonstrate this for you. 
Think about someone you know who always sees the glass half-empty, is always complaining, is often in a bad mood, criticizing everything and everyone and making everything complicated. Don’t you feel tense just by picturing an image of this person in your head? Even though this person is not with you at this moment,...

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3 Tips to Enjoy a Stressless Holiday Season

Jan 02, 2018

By. A. Yanina Gomez, Ph.D.

As the excitement of the holiday season kicks in, high levels of stress follows right after. Whether it’s making sure you get the right gifts, RSVPing for all the holiday parties and gatherings or getting the decorations up, this time of the year can get the best of you!

Why do we get so stressed out during this season? Are we trying to impress others or prove ourselves?

If your stress level is rising up quickly as you begin to anticipate the holidays, you’re up for a bumpy ride. Maybe you’re starting to create never-ending shopping lists, adding parties to your schedule left and right or probably running around like a mad person making sure you get everything on the list [I know you’re checking it twice!]. You’re starting to feel so overloaded and stressed out that you’re likely missing the real meaning of the season.

The good news is that, it’s not too late to slow down! I’m not promising a non-stressful...

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